воскресенье, 8 июня 2008 г.

Danish scientists: The mobile phone is safe

Since 2004 Danish scientists have spent 30 million Dkr researching the effect of mobile radiation. They just presented their results and the conclusion is clear: No health danger from mobile radiation has been proven.

Peter Elvekjær, chairman of the Danish Council for Strategic Research and Philippe Grandjean, head of the Programme Committee for Non-ionising Radiation states that this doesn't necessarily lead to the conclusion that mobile radiation doesn't pose a problem, since this is "not in the nature of the research". Still, they conclude the following:

"Today the best answer we can provide is that since the research doesn't definitely show that radiation is dangerous a potential damaging effect is likely to be limited."

Read more about the Danish Agency for Science Technology and Innovation here.

Who wants a mobile mast in their backyard?
Ever since the Danish state in 2001 sold four 3G licenses to telcos in the Danish market it has been subject to debate whether the radiation from the antennas may be harmful to humans. There has been intense media coverage, so it is not surprising if many people do not feel safe about the masts, but according to WHO the research results do not indicate any health risks.

Constructing a mobile network is not a simple thing to do. Constant local pressure for improved mobile coverage means that the mobile companies in Denmark strive to place antennas in a way such as to achieve the best coverage possible. But at the same time, the mobile companies need to consider the local district plans of the individual municipalities, aesthetic aspects as well as the fact that hardly anyone wants a mobile mast in their own backyard.

Ethical codex
TDC therefore has an ethical codex (only available in danish) which determines that local interests must be accommodated to the extent that this is technically possible. Among other things, this means that we do not set up antennas without the consent of the municipality in question and that we ensure compliance with the threshold values for radiation from mobile antennas.

Furthermore, TDC has – together with the rest of the telecommunications industry – prepared extensive information material to both citizens and authorities on the radiation from the antennas. The information material can be ordered from the Telecommunication Industries Association (Telekommunikationsindustrien).

Research results do not indicate a health risk
From this material it appears, among other things, that WHO has for many years systematically gathered information on radio waves from mobile telephony – a total of more than 25,000 scientific articles. And WHO’s conclusion is quite clear: Research results do not indicate any health risk, when compliance with the recommended threshold values is ensured.

Even though WHO states that mobile antennas do not pose a danger to your health when compliance with the threshold values is ensured this does not necessarily make them pretty to look at. In special cases, TDC has therefore developed creative hiding places for its mobile antennas.